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Flexible. Good Adhesion. Excellent Rebound. BR-5541M

Introducing BR-5541M, our new difunctional aliphatic polyether urethane methacrylate. This oligomer is ideal for use in formulating flexible 3D printing resins and plastic bonding adhesives. Diluted with 20% IBOA, it provides a low modulus, good adhesion to a variety of substrates, and excellent elasticity. The high molecular weight of the backbone structure offers improved elasticity and rebound while the compressibility of the material makes it a good candidate for usage in gasket and sealing applications. Contact for information about versions without IBOA.


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Product Spotlight: BlueWave® MX-250 Flood Curing Unit

Watch Isamar Pion, Dymax Application Engineer, give a demo of the BlueWave® MX-250 LED light-curing system. The unit is comprised of two main parts, a controller with an easy-to-use touchscreen interface and a uniquely designed, high-intensity LED emitter. Multiple systems can be grouped together to create larger curing patterns as needed.

BRC-4421 Hydrophobic Urethane Acrylate - Ideal for 3D Printing Resins
BRC-4421 Hydrophobic Urethane Acrylate

Ideal for 3D printing resins that require toughness and increased flexibility. BRC-4421 is a non-yellowing oligomer with excellent hydrophobicity. It offers an excellent balance of flexibility and toughness. Formulations using this oligomer gain good acid, alkaline, and abrasion resistance.
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Hello Sun. Goodbye UV Lamps.

With LumiSet™ resins, long-lasting coatings no longer require UV lamps. These new polyurethane resins use gel polish chemistries to add toughness and durability to long-lasting nail polishes, without the usual obstacles. There is no need for UV lamps as the resins air-dry tack free, and can be formulated to cure with sunlight. 

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Everything You Need to Know About Formulations - Part 2

Once you have an idea of what you want to accomplish with your formulation, it’s time to start pulling together the elements to get you there. The first element to consider is the oligomer, as it provides the foundation of the formula. Oligomers are molecular complexes that make up polymers, and there are many different types of oligomers that possess many different properties. Urethane, epoxy, polyester and other oligomers all comprise their own families. Read part two... 

BRS-14320S Silicone Urethane Acrylate

Ideal for silicone 3D printing resins. BR-14320S combines a robust silicone backbone with a urethane oligomer. The resulting product provides an unusual combination of desirable properties, including softness, flexibility, and temperature resistance. This makes it a great candidate for formulating silicone-like 3D printing resins, UV soft-touch coatings, and also for high-temperature electronic applications.

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XR-9416 Water Dilutable Oligomer

Ideal for waterborne coatings for concrete and wood as well as anti-fog coatings. XR-9416 is a water-dilutable aliphatic urethane acrylate. It should be used for tough and flexible coatings that require excellent chemical resistance and do not yellow. It contains no water, but is infinitely dilutable with D.I. water. 

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