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NEW! BRC-4421 is a new difunctional, hydrophobic urethane acrylate that can be formulated into tough, impact-resistant 3D printing resins with excellent flexibility. This oligomer has low color and excellent adhesion to a wide variety of plastics. Its ultra-low water absorption makes BRC-4421 an ideal choice for moisture sensitive or hydrophobic applications.


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New 4-Channel Controller for Flexibility in Curing

NEW! With the ability to power up to 4 emitter workstations at once, independently or in combination to produce flood and light bar patterns, the BlueWave® MX-Series Multi-Channel Controller is the ideal controller for manufacturers desiring flexibility in curing set-up. Compatible with any BlueWave® MX-Series emitter.

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PBDUA with High Themal Shock and Dielectric Constant

Hydrophobic polybutadiene urethane acrylate with excellent hydrolytic stability, dielectric properties, and acid/base resistance. BR-641D has great adhesion to metals, glass, and polycarbonate, can withstand extreme temperatures, and has low temperature flexibility. This oligomer has a gloss finish and can be formulated into electronic coatings.
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Hydrolytically Stable, Adhesion-Improving PBDUA

BR-643 is a hydrophobic polybutadiene urethane acrylate with low temperature flexibility, dielectric, and adhesion enhancing properties. This oligomer exhibits dielectric properties and withstands extreme temperatures. For electronic coating or potting applications, look no further than BR-643. This oligomer improves adhesion and features low water absorption.

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LumiSet™ Film-Forming Resin for Gel Nail Polish Formulation

LumiSet™ Film-Forming Resins are easily formulated into long-lasting, high-shine gel nail polishes. LumiSet™ resins are available in reactive or unreactive versions and are all free of suspect materials like TSF, DBP, or other plasticizers and adhesion promoters. These resins can offer improved adhesion for base/color coat formulations, and can also offer extended gloss and excellent hydrophobicity to top coat formulations due to the gloss-enhancing materials built right into the resin backbone.

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High-Gloss, Fast Soak-Off Oligomer for Gel Nail Polish

BR-551ME is a high-gloss, fast soak-off oligomer for nail gel formulations.  BR-551ME has low APHA color impact for clear, vibrant colors. This oligomer generates low heat during cure with UV/LED lamps and has low MeHQ levels to minimize skin irritation. BR-551ME can be used to formulate durable nail gels with soak-off times of 1-2 minutes.

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Scratching the Surface of Nanoparticles

What do you know about nanotechnology?  Learn how oligomers work hand in hand with nanoparticles to create coatings with outstanding scratch and abrasion resistance in our white paper, "Scratch and Abrasion Resistant UV Coatings."

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